Release 0.6-alpha



1. Complete edit of chapters through chapter 4, text and flow
2. Added hinting arrow system that guides you through clicking, only works up to chapter 2
3. Added ambient sounds, that happen when you open the window or doors, or change location
4. Added continuance of drinking game
5. Added test functionality of minigame with Hermione (not yet complete)
6. Added new Susan minigame, with rewards
7. Updated objectives as things changed in game
8. Added small rewards for choices in chapter 2
9. Added Hagrid scene with capturing him stealing clothes (cut scene)
10.Added more main plot to Act2 Chapter 1
11.Added additional scenes, that were missing art
12.Added spying on girls prior to dating scene in chapter 4
13.Added dating scene in chapter 4
14.Swimsuit quest is simpler and easy to follow, ripped out a lot of redundant text from chapter 4
15.You now pick a Waifu at the beginning of that chapter and only solve/read papers of one girl
16.Added sound functions to support random sounds (not in use atm)
17.Added function to enable fining Markus for bad actions
18.Added function to track variables throughout days and weeks
19.Built scripts to swap out translations as we will be redoing the engine completely in the future, so we had to do this to support it
20.And last, but not least, a new scene with Daphne (yes, penetration)

0. Slightly changed the naming for versions (0.6A = 0.6-alpha, 0.6B = 0.6-beta, etc).
1. Both main menu screens are now animated.
2. Susan's tutoring scene is now animated.
3. Animations for another scene are in the works.
4. Added new background for memories.
5. Fixed most of the reported bugs (thank you for the reports!).
6. New bugs are there too, waiting for you ;)

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