Release 0.5A




1.Added new manipulation abilities (both dark and light).

2.Added plot, ability to wear diadem.

3.Added lock mechanism (requirement for sex scenes).

4.Added new scene with a main girl!

5.Many requirements for said scene.

6.Redesigned the screen that pops up when error happens to be more user-friendly.

7.Added a way to get more memory fragments for Sonya (can be accessed via her menu).

8.Added early stages of tutoring, light path is fleshed out partially, for 1 girl.

9.Dark path is not complete yet.

10.Added memories, you can replay scenes (around 80% of them at the moment). Some of them have additional bonus content.

11.Added poses for manipulation scenes for future releases.

12.Increased the amount of galleons which Marcus can get (advance the plot to unlock this).

13.Fixed bugs.

14.Added bugs.

15.Started working on the next scene with one of the main girls!

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