Release 0.4.1F

Changes from 0.3F


Bug fixes:
  Susan outfit fixed
  Daphne Minigame outfit fixed
  Luna wrong day of week pills fixed
  Critical errors with objectives being triggered in Chapter 4
  Made hermione Minigame easier (cheat button after concede)
  Fixed critical error with the Wand quest
  Fixed a few typos
  Fixed shuffle bug with hermi minigame
  Remove luna and susan minigames once they are suspended
  Timer issue in QTE fixed
  Fixed Sonya issue where you couldn’t change her settings
  Fixed diary calls, would only show Daphne’s after you solved them all
  Fixed quick buttons disappearing during exposure scenes
  Fixed issue with Automove Forward buttons

1.Main plot advances:
  Diadem Quest
  Helena Followup
  Breaking IMVOIS Quest
  Coercing the girls to break IMVOIS
  Start to get the girls drunk
2.Dark and Light paths, the game will now diverge based on your choices:
  Become a permanent member of Hogwarts
  Follow the path of light, find the girls diaries
  Follow the path of dark, trick them into breaking IMVOIS
3.New Location, Office Bedroom
4.Additional Market opened up for dressing the girls in new outfits (only 2 new, currently)
5.Additional costume for Sonya
6.New Objective tracking in Journal, basically the walkthrough is in game chapter 5 only
7.Shorter skirts are now in game (you must follow the objective, can be missed)
8.Door Lock mechanic in game, not currently used, will be for future sex scenes
9.Chapter 5 can be done with 1 girl or all 4 concurrently
10.Moved Merlin to right side of hallway, he’s very obvious now
11.Added Quests for each of the girls, both dark and light
12.Time turner location is now random on the ground and opacity changes based on perception
13.Quest to open up new market
14.Classroom scenes
15.Start of more authority over the girls, you will be able to practice medical stuff soon.
16.Added emotions for all of Chapter 5
17.Added person on day of summons to calendar display near clock
18.Bugs fixed
19.More bugs added!
20.Many many many more changes! (We can’t remember them all)

Everything is ready to go for the next updates first sex scene with a main girl!

1.X-ray and Influence have level 2 now:
  This means panties can be made transparent
  Influence will bypass stat checks to level 10 now
2.The way dialogue is displayed has been completely overhauled internally
3.Other internal changes to the code and clean up
4.Many, many, many bugfixes

1.Fixed hallway dialogue background bug
2.Fixed daphne minigame bugs 
3.Fixed ginny scene bugs  
4.Removed splashscreen 
5.Many bugfixes 
6.Probably added some new

1.Added support for Android: this is our first release for android, please let us know how it works for you!
2.Added new location, second corridor, this will allow us further into the castle in the future.
3.Extended Susan’s minigame and rewards
4.Updated Hermione in Chapter 4, completely overhauled most of the text for brevity, gave the player more control for skipping text with her
5.Updated the Ginny scene, it’s now repeatable AND you can get her naked
6.Added new position for Marcus in text, corruption is coming, soon!
7.Additional scene with Minerva added, and a new outfit
8.Added many bug fixes
9.Created more bugs

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