Release 0.3.1F



1.Fixed display bug on layered images (this is what took the longest)
2.Made Ginny scene repeatable through summons
3.Enabled Influence for all things requiring stats
4.Updated tooltip for Influence, it will even hint when you use it for Ginny
5.Fixed other bugs, related to critical tracebacks
6.Time turner now works even when levels are capped
7.Ginny diary guesses now work in russian
8.Fixed many other bugs
9.Probably added a few more elsewhere.

1.Added new Ginny Quest line, with additional minigame, sexual scene (More will be added to the scene in 0.4a) 
2.Converted the entire game internals to english as the native language, this will allow additional languages supported going forward and speed up development 
3.Added peeking on all main girls. 
4.Added additional main story progress on commissar positions with all 4 girls 
5.Added a new mini-location (zoomed in office table), to allow new interactions with the girls 
6.Redid every translation because we flipped the internal text. 
7.Added many dependencies on stats 
8.Adjusted stats to make the grind less-so (we hope) 
9.Added additional easter-eggs with Ginny (you’ll have to look for them) 
10.Added emotions in many places where they are missing (still have much more to go) 
11.Fixed Ginny to not be broken if you lose the key, you can get to it in chapter 5 
12.Updated the abilities buttons layout and issues with beta buttons 
13.As noted above, Diary for Ginny is now decryptable, you will have to play her mini-game first 
14.Added logic to corral player to the right path in chapter 5 
15.Added additional riddle questions for Nola 
16.Added chapter 5 objectives (YAY!) 
17.Made it so you can buy pills from Snape, removing the hard limit set 
18.Added hinting for most menus (it tells you what the level requirement on the stat is) 
19.Fixed many many bugs 
20.Probably added just as many new ones! 

1.Initial Stat leveling to level 1 takes 3 workouts
2.You can now work out any stat a max of 4 times a day
3.Fixed Luna quiz, all questions have correct answers
4.Fixed issue with fireplace going out after 2nd day of drinking
5.Fixed multiple issues with text and translations
6.Fixed Helena menu to be more clear when following up on spying
7.Added fix to account for Amelia Bones book, no duplication now
8.Market places now work properly (without any effect on game)
9.Fixed duplicated text with Amelia Bones
10.Change the way we account for chapter completion to better transition without bugs to Chapter 5
11.Address the curtain being left closed after students leave the office
12.Fixed floo powder duplication at start of Chapter 5
13.Fixed summoning bug for summoning beyond 21:00 in Chapter 5
14.Fixed issue with Daphne minigame and 2 different swimsuits having the same name
15.Corrected issues with Ginny not being able to be done in Chapter 5 (multiple crits)
16.Corrected Amelia menus to allow you to summon Susan now in Chapter 5 for her minigame
17.Fixed issue with the robe being over the swimsuits when it should be showing them in swimsuits
18.Checked crit with Daphne minigames summoning more than one time in a day
19.Fixed crit where None type was found on stats (initialized stats earlier)
20.Fixed critical errors with Ginny objectives causing criticals (tracebacks)
21.Added bugs we are unaware of

1.Relationship bars for all main girls (WIP, they will not provide additional content or checks atm)
2.Added Paths and abilities, you get 1 investment point, per level increase of each stat (check your journal to use)
3.Updated stats for Marcus, they were negatively being impacted(unintended effect).
4.Updated the effect of the time turner to negatively impact relationships with the girls
5.Implemented the X-Ray ability, you can now see through the girls tops, use before summoning (only works on the main 4 girls atm, it will have multiple levels of use in the future)
6.Introduction of Chapter 5, you will now enter the corruption phase and relationships here. 
7.Nola door blocker has multiple ways to unlock access to the castle through stats (intellect is the easiest way out level 2)
8.Created open world experience where the player can navigate through out the castle and go to different parts, depending on time of day
9.Introduction to grading papers to make money (Chapter 5)
10.Ability to shop markets via the brochure, certain items increase relationship, others are negative (Chapter 5)
11.Summon girls for swimsuit of your choice (Chapter 5, waifu is easiest, can be used with X-Ray)
12.Updated the Important notes, it was a day off for people skipping text
13.Corrected grammar, and translations further
14.Made Hermione’s minigame easier with the ability to give up
15.Updated Ginny path to be accessible from Chapter 5 as well, if not done in Chapter 4
16.Fixed waifu selection blocking Ginny
17.Added a lot of Sonya hinting for Daphne minigame
18.Fixed other bugs
19.Added bugs

0.3A hotfix
1.Fixed the critical error in Daphne’s mini-game.
2.Found the lost translations in Daphne’s and Hermione’s mini-games.
3.Other smaller bug-fixes.
4.Added new bugs.

1.Reworked system for character display, now it is more flexible and allows to add more functions to it in the future. (Possible bugs)
2.Introduced characteristics, now they are actually being used.
3.Introduced time-turner for week-skip function. (early development function)
4.Added two new mini games for Daphne and Hermione, nice prizes included.
5.Added missing emotions.
6.Simplified waifu and swimsuit branches.
7.Edited English text. (courtesy MC Nietzche)
8.Edited Russian text. (Courtesy MrFrost2005)
9.Fixed many bugs in texts, code and visuals. (Courtesy of all of our players and supporters, that send us their reports)
10.Updated MC’s diary.
11.Added new items for the inventory.
12.Added new bugs.

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Jun 04, 2019

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