Release 0.6.2-final

Hello there!

Just a quick notice that we've released a second batch of fixes for the final version (0.6.2-final), which hopefully will cover most of the annoying bugs. On top of that, the save files and all additional files for the 0.6.1F should work in this version too. However, if you encountered a game-breaking bug during your playthrough, it will still block the plot in the new version. 

Finally, we've updated Hermione's background animation in main menu to Live2D, which is enabled by default in the version for Android. For the other two versions you'll still need to download and install the additional file with the animations.

Here's the full changelog:


1. Hermione's background animation in main menu was updated to Live2D

2. Fixed errors with saving/transferring game progress

3. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients

4. A bunch of fixes and adjustments based on the players' feedback (Thanks!)

5. Updated old bugs and added several new ones

Stay tuned for more news in the following weeks. 

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Jan 13, 2021
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Jan 13, 2021

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