Release 0.6-beta

1. Made it possible to transfer some of the progress between versions (includes memories, Sonya, achievements, dressing rooms, as well as game preferences and screenshots). This functionality should work starting from this version.

2. Added introductory dating scenes with main girls.

3.  Added bonus shower scenes for Daphne and Luna. 

4. Sonya and achievements are now global and their progress is shared between different playthroughs.

5. A ton of fixes of numerous bugs throughout the whole game.

6. A new interactive statue mini-game was added to Act 1 Chapter 3.

7. Added proper hinting arrows to the early chapters of Act 1.

8. Reworked and updated Hagrid interactions in Act 2.

9. Act 2 Chapter 1 has different flow of events now.

10. Many events in Act 2 Chapter 1 were polished or changed.

11. Act 2 Chapter 1 can be finished now.

12. The quest journal received an additional hinting functionality.

13. The quest journal received a cosmetic overhaul.

14. Numerous hints were added to the quests throughout the game via hinting in the quest journal.

15. Added a warning message to the events that are not yet finished.

16. The message about new version of the game should now work correctly.

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Oct 01, 2020
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Oct 01, 2020

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