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Just downloaded and the full screen toggle isn't working.

What phone? What android version? How many RAM you have? What version of the game

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Hi anyone know how to fix this?

NameError: global name 'kind' is not defined

stuck at luna exam. Great game btw i got blue balls all the time which is exactly what i wanted, to control myself

Hello. Fixed in 0.9.1B

Is it out yet?


Deleted 7 hours ago

This no longer really runs on my Gen 7 android phone. Not sure which update did it, used to work fine. Crashes about every ten minutes or less.  Not a complaint exactly, I don't expect everything to run on this dinosaur. Just something to point out. Great game, disappointed I can't see how it's developed

How many RAM you have? Need at least 4GB


Just wanted to say I bought this just to support the art and the little details that make the game feel alive.

Hello! Thank you for support


What a piece of shit game honestly. Skipping five chapters, okay great. Too slow of a burn, awesome. Too much grinding for the retarded side quests, yet another bonus. 

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Hello! Thank you for short review  :D

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What type of Android do you need play this game? cuz it doesn't work properly on my phone.

Android 9 or higher,  4 Gb RAM at least

If I buy the game is that a one-time payment for all future updates?


Probably yes, but need to ask support

what exactly is " the local shady caretaker" and where can I find him?


If you have any problem with game, you can find answer on our discord channel in en_help section or on our wiki page

filch and hes in the abandoned wing

I paid for the game 41 days ago on itchio and I can't access the Innocent Witches 0.9.1B now. Please, let me download my game.

Hello! Thank you for support! Dont know how its works, write to support

I don't know how to contact support. If I click support for this game it simply sends me to your website.

Try looking for the link they gave you when you paid, that would allow you to access if I'm not mistaken.

It doesn't appear. It says that I bought the game but I don't have access to anything but the free version.

Write to us again, if support doesn't help you, we will sent to you a copy

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Hey, mate. I am still waiting for them to answer back to see if they can solve the issue. However, I think that the problem is on your end. Because it says that I bought the game but I can't access the paid files. Instead, if I look into other games I have bought, I can download everything. I think that maybe you need to check which files you allow people to download.

Can you give me your email? And a screen of your payment,  please

Hi i dont know if this was addressed already, i did look i didnt see anything i definitely couldve missed it and if i did im sorry for asking again; but did i miss a frw chapters in act 1 or are they just not added yet? I really like the idea of having to build relationships with the girls but in act 2 my stats jump way up and it seems the game play with them is more advanced for no real reason. I dont mind if its for the story, i just really liked thw work up to it that you seemed to have planned in act 1. i absolutely love the game and can't wait for the next update, keep it up its amazingly well done!!

Hello! Yes, act 1 chapters 4 and 5 are missing, we are remade it for a new plot. 
We will add missing parts in update 0.10B

Should I look at the old plot or is that for a legacy version of the game? Like if I download the latest patch, would it start on the old plot or the prolouge of the new one? Or are they the same?

I played this game last year, then dropped it (I think at the library).

Hello! You can play old plot in the last public version of the game or in last patreon's version of the game (0.8.5B and 0.9.1B) Just choose what plot to play in the start of new game.
Old plot is the original story that is not finished and it won't be updated in future, new plot is the updated story based on old plot and it will be continued in coming releases. All the events from old plot will eventually be in new plot, but at the moment there are some events that are not in new plot yet. So you can start any of them and then play the other one you haven't played
Here is the list of scenes:

Toys and fingers: Luna - act 2 ch 1 old plot

Spanking and titjob: Susan - act 2 ch 1 and new plot, Elf maid - act 1 ch 3 and act 2 ch 1 new plot

Handjob: Hermione - act 2 ch 2 old plot

Blowjob: Ginny - act 1 ch 5 old plot, Xandria act 2 ch 2 old plot , Parvati 2 act 2ch new plot

Sex: Daphne - act 2 ch 1 old plot, Vampire - act 2 ch 1 new plot, Minerva - prologue, Jinny act 2 ch 2 new plot

And more than 70+ any other ero/porn content

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I know it's at the bottom of your list of importance (totally understand) but the android version keeps kicking me out every 2 or 3 minutes, I can't make it stop

What phone? Android version? How many RAM? What version of the game?

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Samsung galaxy a10e, yes android, 2gb ram, version 0.8.5b

Not enough RAM, for comfort play you need at least 4gb RAM

So I finished the exam for Luna and she comes into the office, but for some reason after she undresses Marcus just sends her out. Am I missing something or?

If you have any problem with game, you can find answer on our discord channel in en_help section or on our wiki page

I'm confused with the new content, i don't know if it's added to old plot or new plot, i already finished all the new plot and a year ago maybe the old but idk if are new thing in the old plot, i suppose i have to complete again but i like the game, also im confused with the checkpoint so i don't follow the lore thread, i have the cheat on because the thing i most hate it's the stats upgrading and when i see the extras with the halloween thing the game crash, i hope when i'm redoing the old plot i can see all scenes and idk when it's added new content.

More scenes with penetration or games with the girls ¬ ͜       ¬

Hello! Thank you for support!


Penetration? Don't be absurd this is a family-friendly Christian game.

Joking aside, I agree. The old/new stuff is confusing, plus trying trying to manage all the patches notes from the dozen versions of the game I downloaded. Not knowing if something is a bug or just not ready yet...

I'll jump back in when Hermione gets a full X scene and not just handy.


I had the wallet out ready to toss some cheddar at what looked to be a solid project. Then after reading about the current state of it going on 3+ years and the repeated longstanding issues that reviewers are saying are major negative aspects and the failure to address these I had to put it back in my pocket.

Alas, I couldn't speak to what I haven't seen first-hand so I grabbed the latest public release and was going to try and play about half of it for an impression. Holy thunder of WTF?! I can sum this project up simply as 5 to 7 hours (real hours, not game hours) of sitting there reading uninteresting dialog with Prof. Snape and a magical painting of yourself and a major case of magical blue balls.

Before I hit on what was bad, let's hit the good. Artwork is "chef's kiss" reminds me of the original PlayStation P&C games from back the day. Theme is great, 18+ VN of the HP Universe is a good choice. Humor is funny at first, meh as you go along, and absent from the latter half of what you can play; what you have is sold to build upon and fill the gaps though. Music was ok enough to not mute and there wasn't much in the way of SFX that you have to scramble for the headphones but mainly because of, you know it, the pacing, nothing to silence. That aside, audio's done well. The writing has a glimmer of being salvaged but at this time... 

Now the bad...

We get it, you wanted to build up to better things as the reader gets further in but in order to substitute for the lack of what 95% of people are looking for you need a good story. The pacing you set requires a very, very good story and you're failing hard. The over-arching story is quickly buried and left forgotten under what come off as Visual Novel Fetch Quests. The restrictive linear design isn't complemented with appropriate feedback to let the reader know if there on the right track or a dead end. People don't like clicking and re-clicking through the same dialog trying to figure out what path you decided was the correct one and didn't bother to provide context as to why.

There's no way to ignore the fact that the only interactive H-Scene is with Professor McGonagall. Are you serious? It's so out of place that I'm left with the impression it was thrown in early on the in response to the reviewer feedback about your pacing as a "Here, you want an H-Scene? Here's your H-Scene!" and you even kind of nod to that in the name of the achievement awarded for playing the scene. I'm sure there's likely a niche community of Harry Potter GILF fans out there but WTH man really? Is the 2nd H-Scene going to be a bonus one with Dolores Umbridge?

Whatever prompted you to keep the chunk of content in after the part that was scrapped should never be listened to again. Having to pull a chunk for a rewrite is cool, shows you weren't going to push out something that for whatever reason wasn't working well but leaving in the content that comes later is a terrible idea. Worst of all you present the "Waifu Mechanic" only to immediately state "Yeah, she's your Waifu but she's gone during this part" and also don't mention that there is no next part so right now picking a Waifu is basically saying "Who do you NOT want to see for the rest of the game?"

I seriously just wanted to take a look at what I felt would've been about 50% of the game to get a feel for it but ended up dialog skipping all the way the the end of what's publicly released because 7+ hours in I felt like I was exposed to about 2% of what was in the game; which I found out was kind of the reality.

Soyna's a mess; I quickly realized you had to spam the match mini-game to make any real progress and that "leveling" her is just your restriction on what outfits can be purchased when. She's pretty much designed to be ignored.

The income system is a mess, you have it fighting for time with the stat building activities which are also a mess as I get no real feel for what the stat levels are expected to be until I'm presented with a 1-time chance to do something that requires a stat to be at a certain level that oh well, I don't have. No one wants to sit there training 2 stats and grading papers over and over to be able to afford 1 or 2 gifts that may or may not be worth buying. The train-grade loop is super boring.

Lastly and I'm not sure if this was a result of the dumped section of content but I did my play-though on normal settings and was very "clicky" on each screen trying to see what could be interacted with and when I got to the"end" I say that of the 4 main girls I only unlocked like 2 or 3 scenes! I thought maybe the others just weren't in but nope, after enabling cheats they're all in there. What happened here? I took my time and explored and only unlocked a couple?

On a side note, after enabling the cheats, the Halloween Event scene for Daphne crashes just as she goes to do what I'm assuming is a sex act. Crash said something about the Pixey Cage which isn't even in the room during that scene.

End of the day, I'd say bookmark this to check back on but not worth funding at this time. Until the development team stops with the "Sorry, not sorry." comments, comes up with a plan that addressed the massive pacing issue, and posts an in-depth article on the state of things and where it's going to go. I don't want to see this fade to vapor, truly do hope they unfuX0r this project with the quickness and I'll gladly throw the cheddar.

Greetings. Thanks for the feedback. Let's start with the fact that the games are free, and the purchase of the beta version is purely voluntary. Now let's go through the points:

1. You are probably reading about the state of our game not from official news or from a official discord server, but from pirate sites where people need a quick fap or open a gallery for the same. We release all information about the development on 3 platforms(Patreon, Itch, Subscibestar and etc), every month for free.

2. Our main audience likes the quantity and quality of the text. Yes, we recognize that there are old bad places or those that can be cut without changing the plot, we work on this every update. That's why we started a new plot ( you can play old plot and see the difference)

3. We are aware of the problem in the number of clicks, for example, to call characters using a letter, we already have plans to simplify this system and transfer functions to the dialog box of a conversation with a character

4. Scene with Minerva its prototype, we spend 4 month for only one scene, so the reviews were mostly bad,  we decided not to make interactive scenes anymore and maybe in the future we will simplify this one by editing and expanding a little. If you didn't like this scene, you can safely skip it. Our game is about slow corruption, no one will let you fuck Hermione in the first 5 minutes of the game.

5. The mechanics of waifu will be explained in the future, at the moment we are building up the content in the game to make it.

6. Sonya don't have much content and progress of the story at this moment, we are focused on main girls. Will be expand in not near future

7. The earnings system will be improved in the next (0.10) patch

8. The problem with the event of the Halloween scene with Daphne will be fixed in 0.10A

9.  A detailed article about how the game is made -[tag]=Development%20Diary

Why there were delay -

What we are doing now - 

Now I will ask you to answer my questions to help develop the game

1. Can you give an example of a bad dialogue or a plot twist in the game?

2. Explain more this please : "Whatever prompted you to keep the chunk of content in after the part that was scrapped should never be listened to again. Having to pull a chunk for a rewrite is cool, shows you weren't going to push out something that for whatever reason wasn't working well but leaving in the content that comes later is a terrible idea"

3. I wanted to ask you to show the screen of open scenes in the game to understand how much content you have seen, but you have already used cheat codes


Greetings to you as well, I wrote a lot of feedback because I am genuinely interested in seeing this game reach final and paying for it. However, I’ve long since learned my lesson about betas and am not in a rush to get burned again. I’m not expecting your team you say “This is 100% right, do everything he said!” but rather wanted to explain what it was I would like to see addressed if I’m going to spend money on it.

Regarding your response points:

1. All of my information about your project comes from Itch. I’m too old to be messing with pirated software anymore.

2. I have no metrics beyond my own impression so I have to take your word that Itch isn’t representative of your community’s feelings as a whole.

3. VN’s are generally “over-clicky”, I had more of an issue with the overall loop’ed systems than the clicking any loop required.

4. I liked the interactive-ness of the Minerva scene. Not everyone likes [insert-sex-act] and maybe they’d rather see [insert-other-sex-act]; the interaction providing some variation sprinkled throughout the entire story focused on major characters is an excellent changeup, I think. What I thought was strange is why in the HP Universe with so many choices you decided to use a 70-year-old (granted the artist tried to make her not look that old but that character is at least 70) for the only H-Scene. I definitely don’t want 5-minute challenges, there’s H-sites with plenty of images for that, this is a VN; besides Daphne is much hotter than Hermione.  :)

5. The Waifu problem is a small part of the bigger problem of leaving in the content that occurs after what you removed, without filling that hole first.

6. Sonya comes off as a “nice to have” add-on to a completed project and shouldn’t detract from work on the core material but it seems your team has already put her aside for later so hey, cool.

7. Earnings system revision would be welcomed, thanks. Any plans on enhancing how stats are presented and used so people have an idea on where they should be?

8. Daphne’s Halloween scene was literally the only time the game encountered an error for me, other than that it ran great.


To answer your questions:

1. Can you give an example of a bad dialogue or a plot twist in the game?

There were three types of plot/dialog issues in my opinion:

A) Conversations with no guiding context, an example would be Xandria. It would seem there’s no getting past her and the conversation is just be able to have some fun with her. That’s cool but the problem is there’s a lot of discussion branches and no indication of progress leaving me to just try them all many many times which I found out by chance is what you have to do. Dead-end branches should just be removed or possibly use colored text to indicate the other character is reacting positively/negatively to that branch. In the last 24 hours I’ve seen Lord Rattlesnake get kicked in the groin way more times than I needed to.

B) Filler conversations that are needlessly long, examples would definitely be the insane amount of dialog with Snape and Little Sally. The first part of the story is spent basically locked in the Headmaster’s Office which when you realize it takes several real hours to progress beyond that point you spent the majority of it in very long conversations with those two about things that matter little to none to anything in the story and is basically background information.

C) Over-arch/subplot balance. In the first portion there’s a decent balance between the bigger story in the prison about delving into the greater mystery (could use more in my opinion though) and the various subplots in the past that are being explored. By the time you reach the content you left in after the part that was removed it’s pretty much non-existent. I really had no connection anymore as to what this whole thing was about, there was no reason to go back to the prison (got tired of trying to figure out the Xandria dialog sequence) and I was just running around doing small fetch quests to just check off the list in the journal.


2. Explaining more: At this time there appear to be 3 content sections; [Section 1] Content up to where you help the prefects with their problems, [Section 2] Missing, seems is being rewritten, and [Section 3] from where you pick a Waifu and end up reaching the end of 8.5b. If you’re going to remove section 2 you should also remove section 3 until 2 is ready to be reinserted. Leaving section 3 in is very disorienting and presents poorly overall. I feel you didn’t want to also remove section 3 because it would appear as though development was going backwards and there being less tangible content to see would hurt.


3. I saved the game prior to enabling the cheats but have found out that doesn’t help. However, I know exactly which scenes were unlocked for the main 4:

Daphne: None. I chose her as the Waifu so she was gone. 0 scenes for the one I wanted to see the most scenes of… see the issue?

Hermione: 1, the Halloween Event.

Luna: 2, Drinking Surprise & Halloween Event.

Susan: 3, Drinking Surprise, Inner Rod Punishment, & Halloween event.

My guess is that a lot of the scenes are triggered in section 2 (the missing one) or are a result of buying gifts that I had no intention of grinding coins to afford.


Thanks for replying, hopefully this provides you some helpful insight and I wish you success in the project. Would really like to check back and see a final release to buy.

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Thank you for your answer. I tried to choose the questions that require an answer.
4. At the time of version 0.0.1 and 0.0.3 and 0.0.4A (which you can find here , many players complained about the lack of any sex scenes, it came to us to take a side character and show what our artists and programmers are capable of. It took too much time for all the members of our team. Well, do not argue that in the book she is 70 years old, in the game she looks no more than 50. The Internet is full of manga and hentai where girls are 1000 years old, etc. Playing a parody, you should not use the images in your head that you had before the game

5. Game is still in development, wait for new chapters and acts

7. We change or delete some minigames and activities from the old plot when transfer to new plot. Game will be less grind.

8. Yeah, we try to find bugs, but someone put some before release (check last changelog line :) )


А)The branch with Xandria is currently abandoned, she will have a slightly different role in the new plot

B) Yes, some of the dialogs will cut in future or will be transfered in non main story additions 

C) The problem lies in several shifts of screenwriters and writers, now we are trying to smooth it all out

Great game looking forward to more updates and, are you thinking of any new areas perhaps?

Hello! Thank you for support! New locations income in 0.10A and 0.10B

Как активировать читы в версии 0.8.5? В мобильной версии сами активируются, но как в десктопной активировать?

ПК/Линукс/Мак: Перед началом закройте игру если она запущена, затем создайте в папке с игрой файл с названием erecto totalus, работает только в публичной версии, версия для патронов имеет свой код, который доступен на странице скачки версии на нашем сайте в том же месте, где находится исполняемый файл Innocent Witches.exe. Расширение файла может быть любое, например текстовый файл .txt. После этого в "экстра" -> "экстра" откроется пункт, позволяющий разблокировать все воспоминания, а при запуске некоторых глав будет присутствовать опция начать игру с большим количеством денег и повышенными характеристиками ❗Актуальное название разблокировочного файла для каждой новой версии всегда доступно на нашем сайте

А есть  возможность просто накрутить деньги?


Hi I've buy your game and I have a little question for the unlock code for 0.9.1B version. Where is it ^^ ? I searched on the download page and i didnt find it 

Hello! Thank you for support! Check txt file calls code for unlock memories 

Dude can you add an option to not get rid of the hint? I got stucked for hours a few months ago I didn't finished that version and I want to play it again I hope you think about it. :)

Hello. Can you explain more, what you mean get rid of the hint?
You can just not click on it :)

I think he meant add a hint

Will be add more hints in the future

When will Chinese come out?

Hello! You can help us translate the game on Chinese languag here:


I cant get past the part where you have to apologize i cant find how too 

If you have any problem with game, you can find answer on our discord channel in en_help section or on our wiki page

I've paid for the $10 tier yet I don't have access to the 0.9.1B update, just 0.8.5B.

Hello! thank you for support! If you paid annually, (1$ per month = 10$ per year with discount) you can download 0.9.1B. If you paid 5$ or more, write to us on patreon personal messages, we try to help you.

I think I was unclear, I wasn't referring to a Patreon subscription, I was referring to the "$10 or more" purchase on 

Dont know how its works, write to support

Okay, that's fair enough, thanks anyway.

I have the same issue, mate. Where you able to solve it?

Tell me if I'm doing something wrong but I can't get Snape to talk about any of the prefects papers or do anything with Snape beyond inviting him to the room and then dismissing him right after

If you have any problem with game, you can find answer on our discord channel in en_help section or on our wiki page


This game has a lot of potential but needs a lot of tweaking.
Pardon my English.

I played the free version 0.8.5b, so I don't know if there are many differences to version 0.9.1b.

- Technical problems

The game sound did not work at any time, my cell phone is OnePlus 6.
The game starts light, but as the game progresses, it gets heavy.
I can't change tabs, the game screen goes black.

- Gameplay problems

The level design needs adjustments, the main entrance sometimes goes into the school, sometimes it goes to the office and sometimes it goes back to the open map, but the main entrance in the open map is the library.
The game simply removes your waifu, ie your favorite character, that's horrible.
Some rare events are so rare, the vast majority I haven't seen.
Some events need gold, but the farm is very slow so I didn't see many events. For example gifts are very expensive.
After doing some hot scene, you could have the option to redo it more easily without being after finishing the game.

- To finish

Is the free version a minor version? As if they had two games? So whoever plays the free version will never have access to the paid version?


1. We are looking for typos in the text every version, and we will continue to do so.

2. Difference between versions

3.  We hear sound problem only from you, can you write to us in discord? We try to help you and find if this a bug

4. Since 0.8.5B you can minimize the game

5. We are currently correcting gameplay errors and inconsistencies. We will try to make the passage smoother and clearer

6. The abduction of waifu is an important part of the plot, in the future you will understand why

7. We add more then 15 new events since start of this year and will be add more too

8. You have memories section for replay scenes.

9. After few releases, previous paid version becomes free. When 0.10B is released 0.9.1B will be free

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Very fun game, quite tricky on finding the scenes tho.. but still I'll give it a 10/10 😁

Hello! Thank you for support!

So i'm reading a lot here that the game is too slow and pacing is slow and all, but tbh, i appreciated it not giving you yet another H-Scene after each conversation or minipuzzle you finished, because in quite some other games that's the case up to the point of them running out of fucking ideas and coming up with two- or three-somes, public stuff and it's still not enough to distract from the fact most of the renpy girls look very similar, especially when it comes to private parts, so after the 12th sex scene it just all blends together in one blur. 

That's why i appreciate the game taking it on slow and fleshing out the girls so much because finally getting them to do what one likes feels much more rewarding and individual than rushing from scene to scene. 

That being said some scenes did stretch out quite a bit, but i'm sure the devs do know about it and will fix that. I liked the locations of the castle, the story was (when last i played) somewhat chaotic at times (some of the girls conversations and quest designs contradicted each other) and all in all i would love to have decisions matter a bit more, but i guess that's rare in any games, let alone NSFW ones like this one. 

Love the art style, like the humour, like the feeling like there's always more to explore or to do. Don't like susan's personality at all, but i guess that's a question of taste. Sometimes it feels like earning money can be a chore. I loved the minigames, finally a game has actually challenging stuff in it and not just a front with "click 6 times and you're done".

Hello! Thank you for your review and for support! 

So I played through Act 1 Chapters 1-3. I really like the setup and I understand that the main concept is a gradual corruption concept which I like. Pacing is slow but I don't mind working for the h-scenes. I myself like learning more about the various heroines, what makes them tick and etc. Dialogue is solid, music is good and the art is superb. However, the chapter skip of 4-5 is a huge turn off for me. Especially since the whole point of gradual corruption is.. well. A gradual corruption. I'm also fairly invested in the narrative so I'd prefer to experience the whole story organically. Based on other comments, I understand the story got a revamp which is why these two chapters are currently missing.

So my main question is, is there an ETA on when Act 1 Chapters 4 and 5 will be ready? 

Hello! Thank you for review. 0.10B with Act 1 Chapters 4 and 5 will be released before the end of the year

Thanks for the swift response. Glad to hear its much sooner than expected.

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Oh man. Where to start. There are so many amazing things about this game. But there are also so many not great things.


This game probably has one of the best if not the best art hands down in the AVN genre on itch, especially among the ones built with renpy. It's refreshingly unique and captivating. It doesn't go down the classic 3d render route which suffers from characters having lifeless expressions and unnatural looking scenes. You can tell the artist deeply cares about their work. From the girls' facial expressions all the way to atmosphere and lighting, the art style will make you a fan.

Most of the scenes aren't animated in the way you expect, they're just fast slideshows and this is probably due to the art form of this particular project. But there is significant effort to animate scenes and have them move a lot more smoothly using Live2D which is a plus. But trust me, you will still enjoy the slideshow style animation because the art is just too fucking good.

The game has a nice selection of minigames that keeps it fresh. Even though you might just refer to their wiki for some of them, it's nice that they offer different options to keep players entertained and still offer a challenge for those who want one.

The way that the game is built on top of renpy is surprisingly polished. You will hardly encounter bugs while playing and will be properly immersed within this naughty little version of Hogwarts.

Even though I didn't care too much about the story, it seems alright. You certainly aren't going to laugh your ass off or cry with an outburst of emotion but it's servicable enough to have you tag along with the adventures of Marcus slowly trying to corrupt the entire school with his dirty agenda.

Speaking of writing, thank god that the writers and translators have the basic decency to proof read their script or at least put it through a spell checker. If you've ever played more than one AVN on itch, you've probably encountered enough language related issues due to them not being native English speakers. I'm no native English speaker either, but I do appreciate the minimal fucking effort required by Team Sad Crab to put out a script with very few spelling errors.

And thanks to decent enough writing and proper grammar, the characters are allowed to shine. Each of the main girls have a unique enough personality that you feel every interaction is unique to said girl. The banter between other characters is also noticeable so you won't feel like all of the characters are just the same person which can be a big problem in small VN projects with a single writer.


Pacing. Oh man the pacing. This has been mentioned time and time again by other commenters. You will be left a frustrated mess while trying to get to a proper naughty scene. This downfall is aggravated due to them currently being in the midst of scrapping their entire plot so if you made the mistake of having your first playthrough with the new plot like I did, you will be confused as to why you didn't get to see pretty much any scene.

The efforts to change their pacing is appreciated which I believe what the new plot aims to achieve when it's complete but the fact that Marcus ends up going through literally hours of dialogue to finally put his penis inside of one of the main girls is simply mind boggling.

Not to mention, several side quests make you do the same thing over and over again 5-8 times only to remove another piece of clothing each time, or put the girl in a slightly different position each time. At the end you finally get to unlock the "true" scene which is usually just a collection of the previous frames with another small animation that acts as the finale. By this point you've probably skipped all the frames that you already saw in a flurry to get to the final animation, which will probably leave you frustrated yet again due to the insane build up of anticipation. I legit yelled at my screen during the Susan tutoring questline only to discover the final scene didn't involve Marcus going all the way despite having his penis literally milimeters away from entry.

In addition to this, your portrait-stuck self constantly teases you about how you've successfully corrupted the girls and you can actually fuck them now but Marcus suddenly decides he's a gentleman and tells himself it's better to wait, it's always better to wait. Teasing your audience is fine, and even appreciated when done in moderation, but I don't think any of us are looking to edge ourselves for 4 fucking hours in front of a screen.

All of this feels like a spit in the face especially after experiencing the glorious start to the game when you get to ravish Minerva which in hindsight is probably put as a bandaid solution to get the audience quickly hooked with the promise of something better if they keep playing. Minerva scene introduces an awesome "stress" mechanic where you constantly have to break down your partner's defenses to move on to the next stage and it provides enough freedom during the scene to allow you to experiment with toys, clothes, and even dialogue. But get this, none of this is ever used in any of the scenes ever again throughout the rest of the game.

To be fair, I didn't unlock all of the scenes yet, so maybe the stress mechanic and the toys/clothes sandbox do make a comeback, but my patience in unlocking all of the scenes has already been irreparably eroded. But I think I made my point about the issues in pacing. Let's move on.

Sonya, oh dear Sonya. Is her name even Sonya? It's hard to remember. Sonya starts with the exciting promise or rather an implication of getting to experience scenes with her as the time goes on. She says you need to keep playing the game to restore her memory and so she can remind you all the amazing times you've had together. You quickly discover this is all a ruse and the only remotely naughty thing you can do with Sonya is to have her play dress up. Underwhelming.

Even though the game feels very polished on renpy, it does at the expense of several quality of life elements that other renpy games usually have, such as not being able to rewind dialogue. You can argue that this is a conscious decision to force the player stick to the choices they make and live with the consequences, but I'm going to save the game before I make the choice anyway, why not make it easier for me?

Not to mention, you can't replay scenes without backing out all the way to the main menu for some reason. Design limitation perhaps?

To add on top of that, the scene and dialogue transitions just feel slow. You will notice the scene fading out, sometimes multiple times, after completing a quest or a frame lingering on your screen even though you tried to skip. Not sure if they artificially slowed things down so you'd play the game for longer or if they bogged it down with their implementation.

Final thoughts:

This game has the potential to be one of the greats. Seriously. I could see my degenerate self spending so many hours "appreciating" these beautifully drawn girls in a carefully built world/story, but at this point it will have to stay in my "come back later" folder.

I couldn't agree more with this. Almost all of the points mentioned in this comment is true and must be something the developers should deeply look into.

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Hello! Thank you for review.

About cons:

1.Our game is about slow corruption, so there is a lot of eroticism and teasing without fast penetrations, etc
Some of really slow event will be fixed in future

2. Scene with Minerva its prototype, we spend 4 month for only one scene, so the reviews were mostly bad,  we decided not to make interactive scenes anymore and maybe in the future we will simplify this one by editing and expanding a little

3. Sonya dont have much content and progress of the story at this moment, we are focused on main girls. Will be expand in not near future

4. Rewind of the dialogs broke the game, our game is not kinetic novel. Scene replays - same

5. Dont understand about dialogue transitions. Can you explain?

When is the next update?


please! what is the blowjob cocktail for snape? It's deleted and I can only see Heaven's 18, Bitters. I combine it with JF triplesec and I get a cocktail but it is not enough. Does anyone know which is the correct combination or even which version?

Heaven's 18, bitters, irish cream

tank you.!

hello there ,

I have a quick question. If I buy your game now (the android version 0.9.1B) will I be able to always get/download the newest android version of the game or do I just get the 0.9.1B?

So would i have to buy a newer version (I dunno like 1.69) again. I'm sorry for my poor choice of words cause my English is not the best and I hope you'll can even understand my question. 

We think yes, if not, ask itch support

When is 0.10B coming out?

Before end of the year

The pace of the game was too slow. I got bored. I got to the point where I became a violent alcoholic wuss and lost all interest.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello. We are sorry that you did not like our game.  We will try to shorten the introduction in future versions

(1 edit)

It seems like a fun concept, I might truly enjoy the game if I skipped the first couple hours of game play., but who would enjoy being in that character's shoes at the beginning? He had such a bright future full of hopes and dreams of submissive girls subjected to medical humiliation, but no, instead he gets locked in a gilded cage and beat up. It wasn't fun for him and thus wasn't for me. Please stop punishing that poor pervert before he has the chance to do anything wrong.

Hello is my game broken? I did everything in the journals and it said the ep is over but i barely got to see any scenes. After I went to main menu i saw that there were so many locked scenes which the game itself never gave task me to do so. How can i achieve all these scenes in game without using cheats? I played this game on mobile before and there were so many minigames such as giving lessons to daphne, susan etc. , but when i played it on pc, there werent any and the episode ended? (The game made me choose my waifu and said it will be missing, which in mobile i would choose who would be my waifu and who i would want to go missing, so many stuff are missing from the original story?

Hello! Thank you for support! You started the game from new plot 2 act 1 chapter.
You need to start from beggining to unlock scenes and minigames

I can't get the cheats to work, I bought this on here as part of the adult visual novels bundle and I've tried making a file called erecto totalus in the same folder that the game's executable is located with the extension .txt and no new options have appeared in the extra tab


Hello! Thank you for support! Check txt file calls code for unlock memories 

Thanks for replying so quickly,  the instructions in the text file say to make a .txt file called erecto totalus in the folder that the game's executable is located and that afterwards a new option appears in the extra tab but a new option hasn't appeared, I've even put the cheat code from the unlock memories file into the erecto totalus file and still no new option in the extra tab

Read first line of text in code for unlock memories.txt

I have the cheat code which I obviously won't post here but I don't know what to do with it or have any options to put it anywhere. Do I put it in the console commands? Is there a cheat code box that's supposed to popup that I put it into? Do I put the cheat code in the erecto totalus .txt file that I have in the same folder as the game's executable?

First close the game if it’s running, then create a file named (code on first line), in the same folder where the game’s executable file is located (Innocent Witches.exe), any extension will do, for example .txt. After that a new option will appear in "extra" -> "extra", which will allow you to unlock the memories. Additionally, when starting some of the chapters via the New Game menu, you will get an option to start it with lots of gold and high stats

If you still have a problem, write to us in discord

This game be sold on steam in the future?

Nope, copyrights

Hey! Out of curiosity, when do you plan for a V1.0?

Hello! The version number is just numbers for us. We have a lot of plans for the game, it can be end in V3.5.2F or V0.99C

Hey!  I finished 0.8.4B full story, but now I want to migrate to 0.8.5B.  When I go to chapter selection in 0.8.5B,  Only Act 2 Chapter 1 is present, Chapter 2 is not there. So is it yet to be developed? 

I have finished till Act 2 chapter 1 Mind Games (That is i reached end of 0.8.4B) o how should I continue with Chapter 2 now???



Hello! Thank you for support!If you already finished current game, you dont need to migrate to 0.8.5B its only bugfixes, better migrate to 0.9.1B for chapter 2 (but you need to start a new game) Better to wait until we release 0.10B - fixed gap 4-5 chapter 1 act and etc

Sorry if you've answered this before, but what's the timeline on 0.10B?


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i have read the changlog where  you added a bug... but you know if people truly want to go as far to bug abuse, why not cheat money?

Hello! Bug abuse broke game and save files, we already wasted a time, on two bugs, that people made by themselves, using cheats and modify the files. We wasted on it 3 working days. 


I just wanted to say great job with this game, the bitches are fine, and the writing and humor are legitimately entertaining.

Hello, thank you for support!

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